Sunday, October 4, 2009

3 Things

Number One: October wasn't supposed to come. My babies birthday's will be here soon. I wish I could skip this month. It can't be a year.

Number Two: I will finish the final chapter of our story before their birthday's.

Number Three: My beta is tomorrow. I feel pregnant but I'm afraid its all in my head.


  1. I will be thinking ofyou as this difficult month continues to pass by. I wish I could make time stop for you. Hoping your bets comes back good. xx

  2. Hope you're beta comes back strong, too. Have you done a HPT? I've been feeling pregnant, too. But, not sure if it's from the trigger shot and/or the progesterone. Thinking of you. I just sent out Mackenzie's, Patrick's, and Abigail's butterflies to you. Hope they arrive soon!